Friday, June 3, 2016

General Knowledge Questions for Recruitment Exams [Bank Job]

কিছু সাধারণ জ্ঞান প্রশ্নের উত্তর যা আপনাকে ব্যাংক জব পরীক্ষায় সাহায্য করবে। আপনি চাইলে নিচের লিংক থেকে আরও Practice করতে পারেন:

  1. When the Bangla Search Engine PIPILILA stared? Ans: 13th April, 2013
  2. Where is Downing Street? Ans: London

  3. Where is East London Situated? Ans: South Africa
  4. When is the World's Women Day? Ans: 8 March
  5. Which Country is called SHAMDESH? Ans: Thailand
  6. When is the United Nations Day? Ans: 24 October
  7. What is the meaning of CNG? Ans: Compressed Natural Gas
  8. Which is the highest Court in Bangladesh? Ans: Supreme Court
  9. Which country has adopted "Bengali" language the status of second state language? Ans: Sierra Leone
  10. The word TSUNAMI originated from which language? Ans: Japanese
  11. During Liberation war Dhaka was under which sector? Ans: 2
  12. Which  Day is the longest day in a year? Ans: June 21
  13. Which is the nearest planet to the sun? Ans: Mercury
  14. When was the Mujib Nagar Government formed? Ans: 10 April 1971
  15. The freezing point in Fahrenheit thermometer is? Ans: 32 Degree Fahrenheit
  16. The organization of the World Bank is known as the soft –loan window Ans: IDA
  17. What is the currency of China? Ans: Yuan
  18. Which city is the highest capital in the world? Ans: Lapaj Bolivia
  19. Which is the biggest museum in the world? Ans: London Museum
  20. Who is the first female recipient of Nobel Prize? Ans: Madam Curry.
  21. Which organization gives noble prize? Ans: Academy for Motion Pictures, Arts and Science
  22. Which is the biggest country in South Asia? Ans: India.
  23. Who is the “man of the Match” of T-20 world cup 2009? Ans: Shahid Afridi
  24. Which country is known as birth place of democracy? Ans: Greece
  25. What is a Mega City? Ans: If a city has more than I crore people
  26. Which is the longest river in Bangladesh? Ans: Padma.
  27. What is Ishardi 254? Ans: Locally developed sugar cane
  28. Who is the inventor of Bacteria? Ans: Lewen Hook
 প্র্যাকটিসের জন্য ভাল একটি সাইট এখানে ক্লিক করুন